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The ClickSend online sms software allows you to communicate with staff members or customers through sms using our online sms gateway. SMS contact is superb at cutting through the clutter and making contact with your targets in a way they will almost never miss. Our online sms service guarantees delivery or else you simply to not pay for the message. By accessing our online sms software, you are accessing a communication channel with very little wastage and which serves as an excellent method to deliver important messages directly to your targets.


One of the other ways to send bulk SMS is to send transactional SMS. This type of template is used when you give customers their login details. You could also use this to give your customers particular information.For example- if you are a university and would like to send messages to the parents of your students about their marks, you could make a basic template that you could use time and again.Benefits of transactional SMS is that they offer speedy delivery and go with a sender ID.


Bulk SMS is widely used for promotional services. It is known as a very important marketing tool. You can come up with a new offer for your store and inform your customers about the same in just a matter of minutes. SMS service is very useful for updating your customers about different information related to your business. You could use this platform to entice your customers and get them to do more business with you. This is one of the very important ways of sending bulk SMS. Benefits of promotional SMS are that it is cost effective and businesses can get quick responses from their customers.